Artist’s Way update

So how has the Artist’s Way been going for me?

Morning Pages:
I’ve been journaling since I was twelve, and I’ve dabbled with morning pages for the past few months, before I started this journey. I read about them online and instantly wanted to do them, but struggled. Julia Cameron insists, “there is no wrong way to do Morning Pages,” but she sure does have a lot of rules.

  • Completed first thing in the morning
  • Must be written by hand
  • Three pages in A5 sized paper

So I’ve picked them up and put them down a few times. Now I give myself permission to be more flexible. My notebook is smaller and I don’t always write in the morning, but rather whenever I feel like it. I figure what’s important is doing them.

Since I’ve been journaling for so long, I’ve fallen into a bit of a journal writing rut. I only write about my complaints, stressful things, anxiety, etc. So I’ve enjoyed working on Julia’s writing exercises/challenges. It’s offered some spice and helped me reflect in new ways, not just ruminating on my problems.

My plan for the upcoming week is to be more diligent about writing them everyday.

Artist’s Date:
These are a much bigger challenge than I originally anticipated, because it’s so easy to get wrapped up in your week and not feel like they’re “important.”

Last week I decided to do a mini at home “spa” day. I felt stressed and all this pressure for the date to “look” a specific way. But I didn’t feel like leaving the apartment or spending money. So I decided to take an hour and pamper myself. This included: exfoliating, hair mask, moisturizing. My skin and hair felt amazing afterwards.



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